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FotC … Luckily, I’m not attending a college to drop out of … Çin 1st of June, 2007 POST·MERIDIEM 09:09

Sunday I spent mostly listening to Flight of the Conchords, a fine, fine New Zealand band who have, for example, this piece on Youtube: Business Time. Besides that, not doing anything constructive.

Saturday, I came across a German mattress shop with a large sticker ‚Preiѕhіt‘ on its front window.

Since then, meh.

I’ve been pasting interesting links (interesting to linguistics nerds, that is) to #linguistics on irc.freenode.net on the invitation of Francis Tyers for the last few weeks now, and an agreeable corner of IRC it is too. Haven’t been conscientiously logging, so can’t really refer to any of them here that are not already posted to http://​del.​icio.​us/​aidan/​

Word of the day: Чин is Tajik and Turkic for ‘China’; not unrelatedly, this was the term Marco Polo used for the country, the word ‘China’ itself being introduced to Europe by other authors.

Ibrahim, of the Tajik Wikipedia tells me that Хитой is also used for China in Tajik.

Tajik people also use Хитой for "China"

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