¿Qué tal?

My name is Aidan. I’m in my twenties, I live in Dublin and I study medicine. I speak English, French and German, can understand and read Irish and could speak it again with some practice. I’m learning a couple more languages, among them the Spanish of the title of this page.

I like programming, and occasionally do it for a living or to amuse myself. I can cope with most languages; I’m most comfortable in C, Perl and PHP. I can program without problems in Emacs Lisp, Javascript, Java and a few more I’m not thinking of right now. Despite the internet being a cesspool in lots of ways, I’m very happy that I’m alive at a time when this incomparable resource is available, and that I’ve developed friendships with people continents away, and this just incidentally to taking an interest in random things.

I can hold a decent conversation on most things; my political instincts are right of centre, which places me on the extreme left in the US, and a tiny bit uncomfortable here, where I seem to end up talking to people significantly more communist than I am at parties.

On this website I’ve used several libraries that I didn’t write myself; among the more relevant of these are:
Dustin Diaz’ Sweet titles for funky translations and descriptions of links.
Роман Иванов and Евгений Степанищев’s HTML_Safe
And, of course, the libraries of the people who wrote PHP and my database engine, and my editor, wherein I write the entries that appear here.

If you want to contact me, for whatever reason†, try sending email to kehoea at this domain, or telephone +353 85 1343873.

My PGP public key is here, should you need to send me something encrypted.

And, for the sake of the next person searching for “aidan pronunciation” who comes to my site; I pronounce my first name [ˈeɪdn], that is, as the word “maiden” without an initial “m.”

Aufgrund aktueller deutscher Rechtsprechung, erkläre ich noch einmal, dass diese Seite von:

 Herrn Aidan Kehoe
 Telefon: +353 85 1343873
 Email: kehoea@parhasard.net

betrieben wird.

Diese ist meine persönliche, private Weblog. Hier gibt es Links zu anderen Seiten und Informationsquellen, die nicht unter Kontrolle dieses Autors stehen. Also bin ich nicht für die Inhalte jener Seiten verantwortlich. Auch besteht hier die Möglichkeit, einen Kommentar auf der Seite zu hinterlassen; solche Kommentare, die nicht von diesem Autor sind, sind nicht der Verantwortung dieses Autors. Ich kann für Schäden oder Verluste – weder direkt noch indirekt – die mit der Benutzung oder mit dem Vertrauen jener Webseiten und Kommentare zu tun haben, nicht verantwortlich gemacht werden.

† Any approaches about manhood-enhancing pharmaceuticals and/or cheap loans will, as is often the case these days, be dropped on the floor by some very good filtering software. So sending it is unlikely to get you anywhere. That said, if you've sent something legitimate and you didn't get a response, text me or phone me to that effect.

Aidan Kehoe
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