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21st of March, 2005 POST·MERIDIEM 05:41

I had an interview this morning near Hallesches Tor U-Bahn station, and when I came out of the building, it was 1 PM, and I didn’t have quite enough for the U-Bahn back to Turmstraße. So I started walking, looking for an ATM. Within a few minutes, I came to Checkpoint Charlie, found a map, and realised I wasn’t that  far away at all from home. So, I kept walking north, until I got to Friedrichstraße station, on the Spree. I followed the river left until I got, pretty-much, home, past the Reichstag and along the Insel Moabit, in some of the finest weather I’ve seen so far this year—still not uncomfortably hot, as it’ll get in July and August—all in all, over an hour’s walk.

And it felt fantastic—I haven’t done any sort of exercise in months, so that will have made some difference, but I’m sure that the interview seemed to have gone well will have contributed. I’m still slightly buzzing from it, and I’m about to cook myself a good meal, eat it with some good wine that’ll cost around €1.70 a bottle, and then have some good coffee and send some email to people I like. Life is the ѕhіt, man.

Dave’s travel diary at http://​www.​lesinge.​org/​ seems like he’s having fun, too. Fantastisch!

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