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And they smile back, too … Avoiding the awkward stuff, for once 9th of May, 2006 POST·MERIDIEM 02:35

It’s May, and the sun is shining, and attractive women are wearing skirts and strappy shoes. Yay, markers of femininity, yay attractive women.

We’ve been talking here in the office about nations and war and famines and genocides, and I could type up something here on that subject, but it’s too sunny and I’m in too content a mood to do that right now. Maybe tomorrow.

Via the del.icio.us popular page, this is funny, and much more cheering than, say, George Kennan pointing out that the Soviets taking part in the Nürnberg trials debased them as a symbol of repudiation of mass crimes: 3. Find x. “Here it is.”

Word of the day: тролейбус is Tajik for a trolley bus.

Word of the day: "die Begehrlichkeit" is German for open admiration of pretty girls.

haha... It’s May, and the sun is shining, and the unattractive women are wearing skirts and strappy shoes too! actually it’s still crap weather over here. haven’t seen that many people wearing summer clothes yet. :-(

Well, are you wearing summer clothes? Start a trend! :-)

I have started a trend. The trend of being grumpy! i like it just fine! :-) I’m going horse riding on sunday for the first time in 6 months - quite looking forward to it although probably won’t be able to walk normally for a day or two afterwards.

Ah, excellent. Getting your horseriding skills back together for Iceland? :-)

em, yeah. hadn’t really started thinking of iceland yet! have to get a job done in work before i go so have been fairly busy with that... 87.68% of contract complete...96 working days remaining! :-)

Hehe, I love that you know the percentage of it to two decimal places!

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