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UCC, CS, eh? … Grimm’s Sound Shift … Халхин-Гол 13th of April, 2006 POST·MERIDIEM 04:46

From my Google™ referrer logs and some googling myself, I learn that an Aidan Kehoe is a postgrad at UCC, in the Computer Science department. I take this opportunity and its likely quick Google propagation to apologise to him for monopolising the Google results for our name, and to suggest beers if he ends up in Berlin in the next few years.

Also in the realm of homonymy, my Flemish par hasard brother over at http://​www.​parhasard.​be/​ has the coolest header image I’ve seen in a long time; it’s the wreck of a Mitsubishi Zero apparently on the floor of the Pacific, taken by David Doubilet. And my Dutch is non-existent, but the Einstein quote currently on the front page is the best demonstration of the High German sound shift you could hope for, and is as such pretty readable; weet, wapens, ik versus German weiß, Waffen, ich. It also demonstrates a sound shift between Mittelhochdeutsch and Neuhochdeutsch that didn't take place in Dutch: as t'Wikipedia puts it,

Die wichtigsten Veränderungen vom Mittelhochdeutschen zum Neuhochdeutschen betreffen den Vokalismus:

  • Die mittelhochdeutschen Langvokale <î>, <iu>, <û> werden zu den Diphthongen nhd. <ei>, <eu/äu>, <au> (»nhd. Diphthongierung«) - Beispiele: mîn → mein, vriunt → Freund, hûs → Haus

Historical and important battle you probably didn’t know existed, which I learned about via Wikipedia’ing on the Zero: the Battle of Khalkhin Gol was an engagement between the Japanese and the Red Army in the summer of 1939, which the Red Army won, and which scared the ѕhіt out of the Japanese, for no good reason. It is interesting to me in that it’s one engagement where the Soviets seem to have made exactly the right choice strategically in World War II, in contrast to their long-term choices later, which were, basically, “be really big and prepared to lose millions and millions of lives until your chief enemy is exhausted and over-extended, you have years of industrial aid, and it finally occurs to you that competence in soldiery is a good thing.” Probably a matter of Жуков versus Stalin.

Word of the day: Оллоҳ is Tajik for “God,” from the Arabic.

Has he just lost his job or is he not working hard enough to meet some summer deadline?. An gceapann tu go bhfuil fhois aige go bhfuilimid ag caint faoi?

Tá, cinnte—i mo thuairaim, tá gach éinne le dialann beag ar an Idirlín agus na faisnéiseanna faoi na tagairtí ag léamh na faisnéiseanna an t-am ar fad.

AIUI, which I may not, where he works doesn’t have the work to go around, so people got a week off, and he’s taking some of this week to mind the dochtertjes. This minding the dochtertjes conflicts with working on the roof, which he had planned to finish before the summer.

(Clarification: AIUI = "As I understand it," and I would be shocked if "dochtertjes" meant anything other than a diminuitive of "daughters".)

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