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We’re coming soon, little tomato! … Tangent Jukebox pluses and minuses 7th of April, 2006 POST·MERIDIEM 04:47

I’m listening a good bit to Pink Martini’s Hang on Little Tomato  (of 2004) lately, and China Forbes—the main singer—really improved her French accent between Sympathique  and it. She still does the North American [ɹ] in « savoir », but between vowels it’s much more the French sound, and she has much fewer spelling pronunciations. Well done China Forbes!

La  Forbes is brightening up my day by means of a Tangent Jukebox, a tiny piece of plastic holding 256MB for which I paid 30 €; I am very content with this piece of hardware, I found with my previous Creative MP3 player that that amount of storage is ideal for me, I like the discipline of choosing new albums every three or four days and listening to nothing else. And, at that price, I do not need to be paranoid about losing it, which is nice.

However, it is annoying that copying files over to it (perhaps it’s relevant that this is from NetBSD), then starting the MP3 player aspect of it, involves the latter often destroying the contents. I’m experimenting a little on this—it seems to be a variant of http://​www.​s1mp3.​org/​ , and perhaps the firmware there will sort out the issue. But eh, small annoyances, it’s the price you need to pay for living in this future.

Gestern abend als ich zu hause ging, gab es einen Punk mit rosaroten Irokesenhaarschnitt, einem Bier, und einem Fahrrad auf der S-Bahn. Er setzte sich auf dem Boden, und fängte an seine Musik anzuhören. Nach einiger Zeit kam eine junge Stimme von seiner Richtung: „Gott weiß ich will kein Engel sein!“ Das Mädel gegenüber von mir lächelte ruhig; ich auch, weil es war wirklich komisch dieses drohende Lied so engelhaft, so cherubisch zu hören. Mir scheint es, einige Bands sollen ihre Fans ein bisschen mehr beeindrucken, dass das Thema der Band eine Kleinigkeit seriös sein soll. Oder, falls nicht, das wäre auch nicht schlecht—wir brauchen alle ein bisschen mehr Komödie in dem Leben.

Word of the day: Макола is Tajik for “Welcome.”

Any band depicting themselves as the Seven Dwarves to a coke-snorting Snow White in a video can hardly be that serious.

Touché—but I still think they would have trouble with the idea of hiring a spotty teenager with a mostly-unbroken voice to sing „Engel.“

For anyone Google™ing the flash player, reformatting the drive and copying over new songs makes the firmware pick it up. newfs_msdos(8) is the appropriate NetBSD tool.

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