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10th of September, 2003 POST·MERIDIEM 05:58

Oh, and I got feedback published by a real magazine! http://​www.​spectator.​co.​uk/​article.​php3?id=3483 , search for the text “Aidan.” Of course, it’s not actually getting put on paper, and it is the Spectator, which can tend towards the crazy. I should contain my enthusiasm. Anyway.

If you’re like me, and you’re accessing an XEmacs that’s connected to an X display through a TTY using gnuclient(1), (setq display-time-echo-area t) before calling (display-time) is useful; it stops trying to display the digits of the time as .XPM files, and moves the time instead down to the right-hand corner of the minibuffer as text, where it’s readable. (Projected interested audience of this paragraph; zero. Perhaps one, if I forget how to do this and have to go rummaging through the archives.)

I’m moving in with my sisters, to an apparently nice house in Glasnevin. And I might be moved, and have my deposit back, before the 20th, which would be convenient.

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