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14th of April, 2003 POST·MERIDIEM 01:14

Nota Bene ; follow my instincts on Lidl alcohol, in the future. Last Thursday I got one bottle of Lidl Chianti, one of Lidl Liebfraumilch, and three Hoegaardens (beer, from the OddBins down the road). The Belgian beers I had on Thursday, with dinner; they were excellent, as is a given with Belgian beer in general.

Friday, again with dinner (lately I’ve been mostly eating pasta + various mad supermarket sauces + soy sauce + pepper to taste + random meat + onions, peppers), started on the Chianti. Firstly, the wine was just on the vinegary side of drinkable—not really living up to the marque’s Silence of the Lambs  expectations. Second—well, this is where it starts getting uncivilized, people—since Janus was leaving and I don’t have one of those mad recorkers for wine bottles, I naturally had to finish the bottle. Which was okay, but not great—it remained the vinegary side of drinkable, remember. Then the real downside; I get to bed around two, and this stuff knocks me out until three PM the next day. What’s with that?

Sunday, I get up pretty early, and since there’s not much non-dinner food in the house, I have a meal around three. I start on the Liebfraumilch there. It tastes pretty okay—I’ve a lot of respect for Liebfraumilch in general, though that may be from a limited experience with the stuff. Nothing spectacular, but I’ve had much worse white wine in the past. Again, no recorker, and unco-operative housemates, so the thing had to be finished :-) . I get up this morning, and it’s not a good sign. When your job is as crap as mine is, you really need to wake up a happy camper to make it to work on time. I did, this morning, but I won’t do it on a regular basis after a bottle of Liebfraumilch.

And the moral of the story is; life’s too short to drink ѕhіtty alcohol; Lidl alcohol is for the moment ѕhіtty; ergo, life’s too short to drink Lidl alcohol. Looks like that OddBins down the road will be seeing a bit more of me.

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