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28th of February, 2003 POST·MERIDIEM 03:22

Hokay, so I volunteered to buy Cliph’s laptop from him. It’s a schweet piece of machinery—have a look at http://​chicks-dig-unix.​net/​1510Spec.​html if you’re interested. Looks like I’ll be poverty stricken for the next couple of months as well, then, but at least I’ll have something to hack on.

Went nerding and drinking last night (in that order, which is a pity, because nerding drunk is always more fun) and, once again, I’m so impressed with Mal & Jimmy’s network setup. Transparent NAT, dhcp, you just plug in your machine, and you have a connection to the Big Bad Internet.

Dunno if I’ll go home this weekend, but it’s kinda getting late to decide ... hmm, we’ll see.

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