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26th of February, 2003 POST·MERIDIEM 03:35

So, yeah, bank balance is sorted out. I will remain interested in seeing what my net pay is, though, and I’m seriously considering buying a laptop—wonder how long it’d take me to get 1.6k together? Are there cheaper laptop vendors than Dell? (For sundry reasons, it’s not going to be a Mac.)

So, what else ... I’m really tired lately, but that’s more an artefact of not eating enough, I suspect, than of not getting enough sleep. (I am actually too lazy to shop—that isn’t healthy, is it :-) To pass the time in work—whee, 10 calls yesterday, average duration three minutes 51 seconds—I’m reading assorted Umberto Eco related material at http://​www.​themodernword.​com/​eco/​ , which is worth the time spent reading it, anyway.

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