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19th of February, 2003 ANTE·MERIDIEM 08:14

The March was interesting. So many people, such a weirdly broad locus of purpose. My reasoning; if the UN can’t stop the war, we surely can’t, but there’s a chance we can stop our idiot government making us into a suicide bombing/anthrax/dirty bomb target courtesy of the United States’ idiot government.

After too long, my agency claim my tax is sorted out. I’ll believe that when I check my balance on Friday morning, but I’m still cautiously optimistic. Whee!

No, since you ask, I’ve no life lately. Has anyone reading this ever had much exposure to “Inside Windows 2000” by David Solomon and Mark Russinovich? It seems like it’s pretty in-depth, and given that these fellas did most of the good work at http://​www.​sysinternals.​com/​ it’s probably going to have a bit more of the computer-people-with self-respect ethic than the Microsoft ethic.

(This is with the general intention of understanding some of the code over at http://​www.​reactos.​com/​, by the way.)

[1] http://​www.​amazon.​com/​exec/​obidos/​ASIN/​0735610215/​

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