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14th of February, 2003 ANTE·MERIDIEM 09:30

Life lesson #374; if a woman, or a particularly spineless man, says, immediately, “Oh, I like your haircut,” with glazed eyes the first time they see your shorn skull, they think you look like a serial killer and/or an idiot.

(May not apply to people who never jeer anyone, ever. :-)

Walking back from German class the other night to the 38 bus stop on Hawkins Street, I just missed the pedestrian green light beside Fireworks[1], and while I was standing there, a minivan pulls in on the single yellow line, right on the corner, and Curly from Coronation street gets out of the front passenger seat, opens the back door, and a gaggle of other people dismount. The normally pretty polite Dublin traffic was pissed off by this, and much beeping of horns took place.

On reflection, that didn’t merit being recorded for posterity at all, did it.

[1] http://​www.​hadrian-inc.​com/​newsletter/​v009i004/​html/​success/​body_success2.​htm

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