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15th of September, 2002 POST·MERIDIEM 05:15

My brother apparently has an overactive metabolism, but practically none of the symptoms; he’s not especially thin, indeed he’s been fairly fat at various stages in the last year; he doesn’t have bulging eyes, he’s not constantly full of energy ... it’s all weird. Contrary to what was expected, he doesn’t have hypothroid—underactive thyroid gland, which my mother has—but it’s overactive. Hopefully it’ll work out and he’ll be a bit more human in a year or so.

I’m apparently a bit of a caffeine addict; we ran out of coffee here—my mother is the only person who buys it here, and she’s left for Medugorije, and I finished the last of it yesterday—and I’m so not full of energy today. Oh well.

Weather isn’t good. And O2 coverage over our house is pretty terrible. I’m basically not that cheery right now, but fuсkit, I’m not actually uphappy.

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