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12th of September, 2002 POST·MERIDIEM 05:18

I’m glad I put off getting a mobile phone until now, because I signed up for a bill phone with http://​www.​o2.​ie/​ and got a Siemens C45 for nothing extra, which has all sorts of funky ѕhіt to my uncultured eye, like predictive text, several hundred phone numbers stored, the option to change the interface language to Arabic, analogue clock, personal organizer, etc. I get the impression half of that wouldn’t have shipped two, let alone four, years ago.

Of course, I now have to get a job so the Direct Debit doesn’t hit an empty account. But then I had to do that anyway. And, ooh, something else; the integrated time and date mean I don’t have to wear a watch any more. It warms the cockles of my Luddite heart :-) .

What else is news; grr, suit started falling apart after a day wearing it. I seriously hope accommodation works out without too much hassle. And, I should be cleaning windows (aluminium + glass ones) right now. Back to it ...

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