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Russischer Caviar wäre besser gewesen, oder? … „der Teig“ ist was anders 2nd of September, 2006 POST·MERIDIEM 06:43

Ich habe Kaviar letzte Woche für das erste Mal gekauft, damit gekocht, es Aptocyclus ventricosus, or the smooth lumpsucker schmeckte ganz gut, wie erwartet. Danach habe ich weitere Details der Verpackung gelesen:

DEUTSCHER CAVIAR aus Seehasenrogen

„Ah, Seehasenrogen, hab’ nicht die kleinste Ahnung was das bedeutet“ sagte ich mir, und habe in mein Wörterbuch angeschaut. „Seehase“ bedeutet “Lumpsucker.” Das englische Wort sagt mir auch nichts. Kuckte in die Wikipedia, worin ich das hässliche Bild rechts fand. Ich habe keine Lust mehr dieses Kaviar zu essen.

In other news that is mostly here to fill up the paragraph and make sure that alien to my right doesn't overflow, my shoes are falling apart again, two months (if that) after their predecessors fell apart in Australia. This annoys me immensely, since I have no real interest in buying shoes as a pastime, and ideally would do it once every couple of years.

And, yay, can renew my Netsoc subscription when I go to Dublin next week!

Wort des Tages: „der Teich“ bedeutet auf Deutsch einen besonders kleinen See, “pond” auf Englisch.

Are those the same shoes I saw when I visited? They were so nice. How can they be falling apart already! I recommend birks.

Sheila, yes, that’s them. The leather is doing fine, it’s just the soles that are expiring. Oh well.

Google tells me that “Birks is Canada’s premier retailer and most respected designer and manufacturer of fine jewellery, timepieces, diamond rings, sterling silverware and gifts.” I’m not sure I’m okay with buying shoes from somewhere that makes birthstones :-)

aw, you are having me on. :)

I learned Fenster by looking up their home page because I saw the name of the function used to launch a new window, but viewing source revealed the rest in English. What has been your experience with variable and function names?

Ps. -2 is not accepted

My experience here with variable and function names has been that they’re in American English, almost all of the time, since that’s what the libraries and language details of the computer language to hand use.

Comments are much more frequently in German, as are function-local variables, but if a coder calls their functions German-language names, as is the case for whoever wrote that Birkenstock site, they’re probably not that good a coder.

Wikipedia tells me that √4 is a positive number :-) .

I am not sure that whoever wrote the site also wrote that code. I was curious when I came upon it and googled the function name. It appears in discussion boards. Though, it may be the case that it is a common name people choose rather than a function in some public library.

2, oh I did not remember that negative square wrote would be denoted with a negative in front of the square-root symbol. my instinct was to say that the square root of four is plus or minus 2.

and then the next thing, upon making a second comment to this page, was to note that it seems you have one question per post, when I had expected one question per comment.

and then after that, that "Remember info" had the 2 pre-filled once I had already commented. now I am tempted to go to another page to see if that still holds true, but I will not gunk up your sight with these posts.

The square root thing was my instinct too, which was why I checked Wikipedia, heh :-).

With the intention of minimising bots, which question you get isn’t determined by anything the client can trivally specifiy. Of course, since my algorithm isn’t being widely deployed, I’ve no certainty it would work on a large scale, but it seems to be working on the small scale fine, and I’m not about to post what that algorithm is, since that would make it still easier for spammers. Ask me on AIM :-) .

That is one scrotal looking fish. Although with sea-food it is always best to judge based on taste rather than experience

Case in point the truly delicious, but undeniably vile looking Monkfish

Um, taste rather than appearance, not experience. Brain still asleep,

Ste: wow, the monkfish is the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen, and I hadn’t expected the lumpsucker to be topped for a while/

Yow - how many of these Turing tests do you have? I had to think to get this one...

Monkfish is a truly ugly bastard alright, but should you ever be in a restaurant and see it on the menu, it’s worth a try. (If you are a fan of seafood at all that is).

I occasionally see it for sale in various supermarkets, at somewhere in the region of €20 per kilo, a mite expensive for a bit o’ fish in my book, but I’m always tempted to buy a fillet or two.

Davīd, I have eight currently, and will probably increase that once I get around to it. They’ve been effective, but I don’t know how long that’ll last. (Probably a decent length, because I’m not deploying them anywhere else, so there’s minimal payoff to automating understanding them.)

Ste, I will make a note of that. The German for it is „Seeteufel,“ “Sea devil” which does seem more appropriate!

I, too, had the same thought re: negative squareroots. Was about to comment about it, too, when I thought I should check Wikipedia first and make sure. Heh.

Emma: Wikipedia isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty goddamn good :-) .

Everyone: Am in Dublin for the week, expect posting to be thin on the ground.

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