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Shaving for the marketing sceptic … Drop me a line … El Calote 19th of June, 2006 POST·MERIDIEM 01:52

As I wrote a couple of entries ago, I left my razor in Australia last week, and as a result have been shaving with unfamiliar disposable razors and injuring myself left, right and centre. Oops. My razor, which happily has been found and should wend its way to Europe in the next few months, all going well, is the old-school King Gillette safety style, that you never  see advertised, because the margin on fuсk-everything-we’re-doing-five-blades is so much bigger. Anyway, to tide me over, I went to the flea market at Tiergarten to see if I could find one of them, since it had been very rare in my experience that they are to be had for sale new. Two German-language copies of Mad Magazine and the entire flea-market later, nothing. But then on the way home I looked in to my local Apotheke, and lo! they were selling one of them with five Wilkinson Sword blades for 3,50 €, new. So, yeah, am not covered in cuts any more. Nor bearded.

From B3ta.com, this is great: “As he approaches his 64th birthday, Paul McCartney wishes he’d made her sign that pre-nup …”

Word of the day: « arnaque » is one French word for a swindle; „der Schwindel“ is it in German, but that also means “dizziness,” and the semantic development is pretty clear.

And here I was, picturing a straight razor.

Yeah, have been occasionally tempted to go that route, but not so far. I suspect you really need a tutor for learning the technique, which is something I don’t have.

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