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Kirshenbaum, X-SAMPA IPA with Quail … Marrakesh from the BBC … die Kasse 17th of June, 2006 ANTE·MERIDIEM 12:38

For the throngs of you who prefer to do your editing in an emacs and find Kirshenbaum IPA and X-SAMPA more comfortable and more complete than the ad-hoc mapping supported by the editor’s IPA input method, here’s a development of that file to support typing Kirshenbaum or X-SAMPA and generating the corresponding Emacs characters for the real IPA.

To use it, you would download the file, type M-x load-file RET ~/ipa.el RET (in your editor, assuming you’ve saved it to your home directory), C-u C- kirshenbaum-ipa RET. Now you can type / k ; o : / comfortably and have /kʲoː/ appear on screen, from where you can copy it to browsers and other applications that don’t support M-x tetris RET (or indeed M-: (dolist (entry '("fee" "fie" "fo" "fum")) (message "%s" entry)) RET ).

Here’s a great photo; it’s an aerial shot of central Marrakesh, and at first sight it’s hard to believe that this warren of courtyards and casbahs is a city.

Word of the day: касса is Tajik for till, or counter in a shop, roughly what the German word means.

That is a fantastic photo, I spent 2 days in Marrakesh with the folks when I was 15, the first holiday I was ever on that took me futher then London.

It’s a total maze, scary as hell at times, but a fantastic place, in some places you can reach out an touch the walls on either sides of the street, and looking up awnings over the windows almost completely block out the sky. Then you have to squeeze up against the walls as someone comes pushing past on a donkey cart, muttering something is probably the arabic equivalent of "Fucking Tourists"

That sounds excellent, Ste–Mackers was not exactly enchanted with the country, of course. My former co-worker told us horrendous stories about what happened to Europeans in the city (more especially in the Medina), and I suspect he wasn’t totally bullshitting, so I would be nervous in that context too, I think.

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