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δημος και τύραννος … Swedes are vegetables in English, human in German 24th of March, 2006 POST·MERIDIEM 06:07

Interesting; Der Spiegel believes that tyranny of the majority is not symptomatic of democracy:


I had always conceived of it as its defining disadvantage, an inherent part of it—cf, that the historical treatment of being gay in the West was endorsed by a great majority, that Prohibition in the US was introduced within the strictures of the system, that energetically and traditionally democratic Switzerland sterilised its Gypsies with the endorsement of the populace.

Word of the day: Not a word at all, but a phrase: „du alter Schwede!“ is a colloquial way to address a friend or colleague in German, apparently going back to the days after the Thirty Years’ War, when Prussia hired some of the militarily-successful Swedes to train its army.

The "δημος και τύραννος" in your summary is not rendered in small caps in my rss feed, so now I can see that you have not accented your ι.

Indeed I haven’t; can you see the accent on the small-capsified υ in your browser? I can here without problems.

yep. (and I’m hoping you read that comment as a silly "dot your eyes and cross your tees" kind of comment)

I did; and had I not, to my shame, deleted the email where you made clear which accent was appropriate, I would have updated the entry accordingly. To no-one’s surprise. The comment box cookie thingy should be working now, as opposed to its previous behaviour; give me a shout if it isn’t for you. Ditto sundry small things I cleaned up; criticism of the site is welcome.

(Oh, and I didn’t mention it either; you should be able to see the entire translation for the translated chunks now, no cut-offs because of limits on the length of tool tips.)

(yes, I noticed. pretty cool.) I think it’s a grave over the alpha but ask someone who knows.

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