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Weather … Neosupervital … Van Morrison … la bataille 14th of March, 2006 POST·MERIDIEM 02:38

The weather here is beautiful; sun shining, blue skies, snow melting. This is a little unexpected, much as is Cliph pointing out that Neosupervital has a MySpace page. What in tarnation‽

Oh, and I’m not depressed, which is nice:


I score zero or one, depending on how the test is administered; were I to give up drinking, it’d be ~10, with changes in agitation, irritability and indecisiveness.

Is Van Morrison’s new album worth listening to, anyone? Number eight in the UK charts doesn’t say a whole lot about its quality, but it does say something about his popularity.

Word of the day: la batalla  is Spanish for “battle,” „die Schlacht, Schlachten“ is cognate with “slaughter” and is German for the same thing.

You are not alone, my ale and hearty friend.

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