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19th of August, 2003 ANTE·MERIDIEM 08:44

Two strange things happened this morning on the bus; first, the builder across the aisle rolls a spliff and lights it up, at 7AM on a Tuesday. Jayz. Second, just as we were leaving Blanchardstown village, the bus conked out. It took four or five minutes to restart, but five minutes later it conked out again. It did this for the entire journey into the city centre; I admit it did manage to restart each time. Anyway, just before Parnell street, we were transferred to another bus, which didn’t conk out for the 500m of the journey there were left.

Those Falun Gong people that are to be seen doing exercises on O’Connell Street painfully early in the morning; are they demonstrating to the Spike, does anyone know?

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