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4th of April, 2003 ANTE·MERIDIEM 08:46

I’ve just followed some links off the comments at http://​www.​baraita.​net/​blog/​ (whither Helena’s bookmark page pointed me) and came across some funkatronic linguistics-oriented weblogs. Which is good, because there’s a dearth of useful linguistcs-oriented stuff on the web. (Aside; I just spoke with someone who commented “we have the same accent” and he was right; there are indications that he’s Flemish or American, or possibly both, but ... is there that much ambiguity in the way I speak?) Anyway, one of these had an entry soundly taking apart what Stephen Pinker says, ... which I can’t find today (this is Friday morning, the entry was started yesterday evening.) Bugger.

I got my sister Eileen a Creative Muvo — http://​www.​nomadworld.​com/​products/​muvo/​ — for her 21st, and it seems to have gone down well. Maura ended up with a couple of books and a Simon & Garfunkel CD (the latter wasn’t really ideally chosen, but fuсkit, two books isn’t a 21st birthday present). In general, the Muvo rocks, although in the tradition of these MP3 and/or USB gadgets, the name is idiotic.

It’s Friday, whee! Sleep, glorious sleep ...

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