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T’auld sod … Wer hat uns verraten? … The Afrikaaners say ‘koop’ 11th of March, 2008 POST·MERIDIEM 06:13

I will be in Ireland for a week from Thursday, but am booked out until Saturday evening. Shout if you’re there and you’d like to catch up!

In other news, a German left-winger and släm poet, disenchanted with the SPD, picks up an old Communist refrain, and it gets distributed on Youtube:

(Note, not remotely funny unless you have some exposure to German politics. And speak German.)

Word of the day; купить is Russian for “to buy”, and, via Gothic, is cognate with German kaufen, meaning the same thing.


If you’re about Dublin next week giz a shout, maybe meet up for a coffee or pint one evenin after work.

Drop us a mail, or a text or whatever.

Cool, Ste; I’ve sent mail to your yahoo.co.uk account (well, at least the one listed at Livejournal). If that doesn’t get through, my phone number is +49 17629790810.

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