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Hopefully the last IRC log in a long time I post here 4th of March, 2008 POST·MERIDIEM 11:05

*** tatica (n=tatica@nelug/designer/tatica) has joined channel #linguistics 
<kehoea> tatica, ♥ 
<kehoea> cómo estás? 
<tatica> :O 
<tatica> bien cielo... como estas tu? 
<saimazoon> a heart, kehoea? 
<saimazoon> you’re not gaining his favour in that way 
<saimazoon> her *
<kehoea> estoy bien, gracias, pero tengo que estudiar más 
<kehoea> saimazoon, we need to campaign to get the spurting pеnis added as a code point to Unicode 
<saimazoon> hahaha 
<saimazoon> so that you can show it to the girls, right? 
<kehoea> the most effective way seems normally to get it added to a national standard 
<kehoea> and thence the Unicode people are prepared to accept almost anything 
<kehoea> cf. lots of the non-Kanji Japanese glyphs 
<kehoea> saimazoon, I propose that we travel to Tajikistan 
<saimazoon> we’ll push them to accept our teary pеnis 
<saimazoon> I’m ready for that, kehoea 
<kehoea> and talk the local standards committee into revising KOI8-T 
<saimazoon> just tell me the date 
<BlearyBram> kehoea: Haha 
<kehoea> excellent! 
<saimazoon> I have the money 
<saimazoon> and I have the tools

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