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Beachball weg! … Icanhascheezburger … Squawk, squawk, squawk 18th of April, 2007 ANTE·MERIDIEM 12:25

I wonder sometimes if I'm the only person in the world with so much trouble seating RAM. At least five separate boots this time, to check if the OS would recognise both new sticks. But, yay, it does, and let me say that OS X 10.4 is a hell of a lot happier in my usage patterns with 2 GB as opposed to 512 MB.

Sonst gibt es wenig Neues. Ich müsste mal einen neuen spanischen Sprachtandempartner finden, herausfinden warum die Lautsprecher von der Kiste nicht funktionieren, meine Hausaufgabe tun, arbeiten, mich amüsieren – was für ein hartes Leben.

One of the cooler internet phenomena lately has been icanhascheezburger.com, with photos of kittens, cats, dogs, walruses together with hoygan-style captions, as one imagines the animals would type had they the digits for it. Weirdly cheering. And really weirdly, they’re pulling in more traffic than cars.com. I suppose the low barrier to appreciation plus the consistency of the posts, with the un-filled niche explains it.

Word of the day: der Truthahn is German for the turkey (fowl, not secular Islamic country).

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