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28th of July, 2003 POST·MERIDIEM 01:13

Where did that fashion for girls having both long hair and fringes come from? It’s got heavy Bosco vibes associated with it in my head, and dungarees together with unexplained enthusiasm (it’d be funny if there was some weed involved, but I’d put large sums of money against that) are not that sexy. (N.B. two chicas may not actually constitute a fashion trend. And the Bosco assistants may not have actually had long hair and fringes, but whatever, the meme was kicking around in the early 80s.)

Nngh, IPSec isn’t being coöperative for me. Oh well, I asked for the job.

Apparently there are five million more Canadian Social Security cards than there are living Canadians. Wow. http://​www.​ledevoir.​com/​cgi-bin/​imprimer?path=/​2003/​07/​21/​32199.​html

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