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14th of June, 2003 POST·MERIDIEM 05:14

Ste, you are way  geekier than I am. I’m not geeky enough to attempt to read Marx or Che. (Well, okay, the Motorcycle Diaries, Real Soon Now).

I’m changing jobs—moving to a startup in Dublin City Centre—and I’ve resolved to work harder on getting the details of life right; shave more, sleep more, shower more, eat breakfast before leaving the house—because my short-term memory has gone to ѕhіt, and I’ve noticed an erosion in my ability to conduct a decent conversation. It’s really not useful in the long term to give people the impression they’re working with and talking to a psycho. Also, you need energy to focus on reading nonfiction, and that’s the area of most of my reading material these days.

The weather is beautiful here, probably as a result of Ste and Mackers leaving for San Francisco. I just spent a couple of hours reading Spike Milligan in a park, in the sun. Not something I’ve done for a long time, and very funkatronic in its way.

Scott Martens[1] has a huge post that managed to make me miss Belgium; no mean feat, considering what a concrete Ballyjamesduff LLN is, and considering that my life here isn’t too bad at all. Go him.

[1] http://​pedantry.​blogspot.​com/​2003_06_08_pedantry_archive.​html#95563379

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