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6th of June, 2003 POST·MERIDIEM 03:54

Whee, another week over. There’s a new issue of the Exile available over at http://​www.​exile.​ru/​, I’ve got a stack of reading material with which to occupy myself over the next few days, and the opportunity, desire and need to do some decent food shopping.

I like oranges. Oranges taste good. Do you like oranges? Mail to oranges@parhasard.net.

Looking at http://​www.​iraqwar.​ru/​iraq-read_article.​php?articleId=2590&lang=en , is “rubric” actually a word in English? It certainly is in French, and I can imagine a Russian reasoning “if we borrowed it from French, then they almost certainly certainly have it in English” ... ah, okay, the OED has it, that’ll do me.

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