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2nd of June, 2003 POST·MERIDIEM 01:59

Mr. McKay has revamped http://​www.​illyana.​com/​ , and devil a bit did I hear of it until this morning. It’s amazing how productive at sad nerd crap the absence of a woman seems to have made him; the site puts all the rest of us to shame, with our “it’s not lazy, it’s minimalist” posturing and general lack of Cool Ѕhіt. Clare (and Boston) abú, and stuff.

Mr. Whyte is departing for the land of working public services and fine beer, and the best of luck to him over the summer.

Least gripping proposed bumper sticker ever, from http://​www.​richardherring.​com/​warmingup/​warmingup.​php?id=194 ;

“Unless of course we are in a traffic jam or very slow moving traffic in which case it would be ridiculous and annoying for you to maintain a thirty foot distance. Clearly you should consider the circumstances and the weather conditions carefully and make a common sense judgement as to what would be the safest distance to be at. You probably know this already. I suppose it’s slightly arrogant of me to give you advice about your driving. You don’t give me advice about my rubbish and ultimately illogical sense of humour, so I should just leave you alone. In the event of you rear-ending me you will take liability for the accident, so you realise that is in your interests to drive sensibly. To be honest, if you’re the kind of idiot who likes to risk everyone’s life by driving too close at high speeds, then a humorous sign telling you not to is going to have no effect (except possibly to make you deliberately drive even closer), so I think I’ll just shut up. Just pretend I didn’t say anything”

So, yeah, today is a bank holiday and the phone lines are very quiet; tomorrow will be a general strike in France, so the phone lines should be dead quiet. Life is good, except that http://​ftp.​heanet.​ie/​pub/​NetBSD/​pub/​NetBSD/​iso/​1.​6.​1/​i386cd.​iso really should be bootable on i386, and if it were I’d have had a working Unix box at home a week ago.

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