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14th of May, 2003 ANTE·MERIDIEM 12:14

X-Men 2; Ah, sure, yeah, it’ll do. Hugh Jackman sounded Australian for a couple of sentences in this one, which he didn’t do in the first one at all. Famke Janssen had to choose—aww, & crap like that. Ian McKellen had to say “I would have done different” (or something like that; “different” was used thus, whatever it was)—I’m sure using an adjective instead of an adverb rendered his Shakespearean actor’s heart bitter. Alan Cumming did the biggest caricature of a German accent in the world ever; I’m sure no actual German has had an accent in English like that for seventy years now.

I’ve moved to a half-hour lunch here, and it’s making a surprising difference; much less of a feeling of doing nothing. Which is good, and bad. I’ll get over it. I should drink less coffee, because it’s making me wired to Pluto every evening, which doth suck as doth suck a tentacle monster who giveth good head.

On the eenternet; nothing interesting. Well, there is the guy from Borneo who got a little too well acquainted with the inside of a snake; check out http://​www.​parhasard.​net/​images/​borneo.​jpg Also, as Marc Slemko points out on the pudding list, http://​google.​com/​search?q=postgresql+versus+oracle is entirely sub-optimal for what a search engine should do.

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