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9th of May, 2003 ANTE·MERIDIEM 08:25

Anyone who read that last entry through to the end, especially Jim; I’m proud of you. Anytime you want, I’ll buy you a pint. Sucker.

And in a spirit of Less Obscure Ѕhіt, Jamie Zawinski, of Lucid Emacs, Netscape and DNA Lounge fame, has a weblog. As does Hard, creator of what used to be the Thin H Line, and is now Sexylosers with a much bigger readership. http://​livejournal.​com/​users/​jwz/​ and http://​livejournal.​com/​users/​hardartist/​ respectively.

What else ... the sun was out as I was getting up this morning, which is weird, and good. I went drinking with Jas, Dave and Jimmy last night, which was possibly a little ill-considered, given that I’m doing overtime tonight and will be dead at the end of it. I’m at IBM six months now, and all my passwords are starting to expire, which, honestly, I never expected to happen. Oh well.

In terms of programming and tech; so much cool ѕhіt in the world, so little time. As always. Ah well.

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