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30th of January, 2003 POST·MERIDIEM 03:33

So, yeah, back taking calls, mostly in English—yup, it makes it more boring. Signed up for the Goethe Institute beginners’ course[1], starting up next Monday at 6pm. I’m sure the fact that I paid €315 for one term will make me work that bit harder; you can only claim the tax relief after you take an exam, and the GIIN don’t offer exams until the Zertifikat Deutsch after three years.

As a result, and taken together with rent being due, I’m officially in a concentrate-on-non-money-related-pastimes period. Which means reading Dave’s Flann O’Brien books, and rereading-because-it’s-hard the Design and Implementation of 4.4BSD. It’s hard to get the willpower together for this latter, but I’ll keep it up. I’m thinking of the time I read perlre(1) seven times in a row, and ‘got’ regular expressions forever after :-) .

What else ... again, TV, schweet, speakers, schweet, nerd housemates, schweet. Although I really have to cut down on the egregious linguistics ѕhіt—I think it’s freaking them out.

[1] http://​www.​goethe.​de/​gr/​dub/​enskurse.​htm

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