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21st of January, 2003 ANTE·MERIDIEM 11:59

I’m subscribed to the Old Irish List[1], and some of the gems that get posted to it are of the order of http://​www.​isos.​dcu.​ie/​tcd/​tcd_ms_1339/​jpgs/​125.​jpg , which gives an impression of how cool those manuscripts look. (And are, of course.) I’m lurking, purely, because I haven’t the background in this area, or the literature to post anything constructive. Obviously.

I see Apple are on the point of releasing an officially supported version of XFree86 for Mac OS X[2] (remember, to eliminate confusion, that last X is pronounced “ten” Mr. Flood). Maybe now someone will get around to writing backend code that will load Mac format TrueType and Type 1 fonts from disk. The current situation is farcical; you need a Windows copy of some of the finer fonts out there, originally developed for the Macintosh, if you are to use them in X11 on your Mac.

What else ... in a fit of stupidity, I managed to lose my wallet. Between the last time I had it and realizing it was gone I was only in three places, yet I still haven’t managed to find it. Crap.

[1] http://​listserv.​heanet.​ie/​old-irish-l.​html

[2] http://​www.​apple.​com/​macosx/​x11/​

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