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9th of November, 2002 POST·MERIDIEM 04:25

So, the Graduation and the post graduation “do” went pretty well, the Mint Bar at the Westin not being as stunningly expensive as predicted—normal prices for normal pints, and “only” €5.95 for an Erdinger, among other good beers. I don’t think I was at my most professional ever in work on Friday for the first call, but it got a lot better pretty quickly. I did welsh on the after-work drinks, though, as Cher was leaving, I said I’d come, I went home for a siesta, and when the alarm went off to get up and go into town, I didn’t have the stamina. Oh well.

What else—if you’re not Michael, and therefore probably haven’t seen Richard Stallman’s “Pleasure card”[1], it’s worth a look, if only for the pure creepiness of it. Via http://​www.​muxway.​org/​ .

[1] http://​digilander.​libero.​it/​robang/​varie/​RMSleisure.​jpg

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