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5th of November, 2002 ANTE·MERIDIEM 10:56

Oooh, right, trying out the Xemacs based add-to-log functionality, and it seems to be working well[1]. Anyway. Mr Whyte[2] exaggerates, most of what was written in C consisted of http://​netsoc.​tcd.​ie/​~hcksplat/​ctimenum.​c.​txt , and the rest was boring (if incomprehensible) old php[3].

Right, I suddenly have a pretty strong motivation to learn German pretty fast. Anyone want to send textbook recommendations (a; a comprehensive grammar; b; introductory textbook; c; hard college-level text book), fire them in this direction.

What else ... if and when the motivation for learning German (above) comes through, je vais m’acheter un Macintosh. w00t! At the moment, it’s not quite surfing the breadline, but it’s damn close.

[1] Until the RANDOM FUCKING NAT TIMEOUT hit. Urgh. And I’m on a break, too, so I’m allowed, even though it’s a really busy day.

[2] http://​www.​lesinge.​org/​index.​php?body=entry.​inc&date=2002-11-04

[3] http://​netsoc.​tcd.​ie/​~hcksplat/​source.​phtml?/​home/​hcksplat/​www/​plan/​archive/​index.​phtml

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