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1st of November, 2002 POST·MERIDIEM 03:54

I seem to be settling in here okay, which is good. The French team is crazy. I spent about an hour yesterday afternoon carving the outline of a spider into a pumpkin. Woohoo! Yesterday evening, some of it spent messing with Cliph’s Sparcbook, and the rather shaky implementations of FFS (when it comes to Solaris file systems) of Linux and NetBSD. Later, Whelan’s for one, Temple Bar Music Centre for more, got home three-ish, got up six-ish, it’s all go.

News, news, news; the call-centre life actually seems quite attractive. When it’s not too busy. Sit there waiting for a call, do what you want, catch up on your mails ... I don’t want to spend all my life on this salary, though.

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