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Je suis doch belle! … Si, c’est le plat pays qui est le mien 27th of March, 2006 ANTE·MERIDIEM 12:48

I found this thread really interesting; not the post in itself, it’s mostly clear to me (and I imagine to the world in general) that disturbingly attractive women have self-image problems as a matter of course, but the follow-ups are fascinating. Some of them are going « C’est colle de se faire draguer!!! » and then another chica follows up with:

Pas toujours, je me suis déjà faite dragu[er] par un policer de 24 ans sous qui se collait contre moi même si j'essayait de le repousser…

And then, since the original poster dresses really well, and wasn’t describing the details of the positive points of how she gets on well w.r.t her peers, her following up provokes energetic jealousy. And yes, to my annoyance, the posts where other chicas were expressing their jealousy disappeared; that’s a big part of my problem with web fora vs. email. Ach.

Something else that I found interesting; there were two of course separate Belgian competitions to decide on the Greatest Beligian, one run by a Dutch-language TV station, one run by a French-language TV station. And Jacques Brel won the French-language one comfortably; whereas he came seventh in the Dutch-language one. Now, I’ve nothing against Flanders voting Fr. Damien first; but it is slightly disturbing that these neighbouring cultures should be so energetically distant from each other that Georges Simenon isn’t to be had in the Flemish top 50, while he’s number 9 in the Walloon top 50.

Word of the day: Фил means ‘elephant.’ „der Elefant, die Elefanten“ is the normal German word for the same thing.

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